Economics (European Edition)

Economics (European Edition)

Michael Parkin

Melanie Powell

Kent Matthews

ISBN 9780273736554
Godina Izdanja 2011
Izdavač Pearson Education trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
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Economics touches almost every aspect of life, from climate change to terrorism, taxes to house prices, wages, to how much time to spend studying. Learning to think like an economist will enable students to evaluate economic policies, understand human behaviour, and make more informed decisions.

This comprehensive text provides detailed presentation of the principles of economics, using real-world examples and applications. The aftermath of the global financial crisis is covered in depth, and its implications for future economic policy are thoroughly examined. With a wealth of in-text problems and applications, this text is also supported by MyEconLab.

What is MyEconLab? 
A powerful online tutorial and assessment solution that includes comprehensive homework, quiz, test, and tutorial options, where instructors can manage all assessment needs in one program.  This flexible system can also be used by students for self study with the unique 'Personalised Study Plan' feature which helps them to identify areas of weakness for further study and revision.

Features include:

  • A personalised study plan for each student

  • A bank problems which can be used for self-study or assigned by instructors as homework, tests or quizzes and which are automatically marked

  • Learning aids which help guide students through solving a problem and provides them with instant feedback to help them identify where they went wrong

  • An annotatable eBook for quick reference and convenience

  • Graphing tool, and interactive graphing questions

  • 'Economics in the news' stories and videos

  • Exportable gradebook

With over 240,000 registered students in 2010 doing 4 million assignments, MyEconLab is the most effective and reliable online learning solution available for economics today. 

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Autor Michael Parkin, Melanie Powell, Kent Matthews
ISBN 9780273736554
EAN 0273736558
Godina izdanja 2011
Izdavač Pearson Education
Broj stranica 811
Format i dimenzije 195 x 265 mm, mek povez