Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks, 5th Edition

Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks, 5th Edition

Thach N. Nguyen

Shao Liang Chen

Moo-Hyun Kim

Duane S. Pinto

Cindy L. Grines

C. Michael Gibson

Ernest F. Talarico Jr.

ISBN 9781119382683
Godina Izdanja 2020
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons dostupno odmah
Cena na sajtu sa PDV-om: 9.764,10 din. 10.849,00 din. ušteda: 1.084,90 din.
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A concise and convenient pocket guide to interventional cardiology’s latest procedures and technologies

Interventional cardiology is growing more and more integral to the modern-day management of cardiovascular problems. Indeed, trainees are taught interventional methods as a matter of course. With a widening range of options open to them, however, the practicing cardiologist must be diligent and discerning when selecting the appropriate course of action for each patient, adapting their strategy as circumstance demands. Developing the skills and experience necessary to make these key judgments can be a challenging and lengthy process.

Bringing together the knowledge of an international group of over 50 experts, this fifth edition of the Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology helps cardiologists of all levels to find interventional solutions to a wide range of problems. Its revised contents cover topics including new devices, valve procedures, and venous and atrial occlusion, and also feature new chapters on bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, protected percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary atherectomy, pulmonary embolism, and more. This essential companion:

  • Offers clear, easy-to-follow guidance for cardiology practitioners of all levels of skill and experience
  • Grades each strategic or tactical action by level of complexity
  • Includes full-color clinical images and illustrations
  • Covers all key interventional procedures and techniques
  • Provides practical tips and tricks for handling difficult clinical scenarios and complications

The Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology is an invaluable resource for both practitioners and trainees in interventional cardiology and all related areas of cardiovascular medicine.

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Autor Thach N. Nguyen, Shao Liang Chen, Moo-Hyun Kim, Duane S. Pinto, Cindy L. Grines, C. Michael Gibson, Ernest F. Talarico Jr.
ISBN 9781119382683
EAN 1119382688
Godina izdanja 2020
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons
Broj stranica 800
Format i dimenzije 104 x 216 mm, mek povez