Oxford Case Histories in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, 3rd Edition

Oxford Case Histories in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, 3rd Edition

Hilary Humphreys

William Irving

Bridget Atkins

Andrew Woodhouse

ISBN 9780198846482
Godina Izdanja 2020
Izdavač Oxford University Press dostupno odmah
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Oxford Case Histories in Infection and Microbiology contains over 45 well structured cases, providing comprehensive coverage of the diagnostic and management dilemmas in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Each case comprises of a brief patient history with relevant clinical examination findings, thus insuring the reader is aware of how to confirm a diagnosis rapidly, with reference throughout to laboratory techniques, advice on therapy, epidemiological features, and areas which can be controversial.

The cases discussed include common and important pathogens, infections, and serious conditions due to risk of onward spread. Divided by main organ systems, the book also includes a section on systemic infections, and miscellaneous cases which don't fit neatly into one category.

The text is complimented by over 50 clinical photographs and laboratory illustrations. Each case includes a concise list of further reading to aid learning and understanding. The format of the book is thought provoking, and helps to improve critical thinking and interpretative skills.

It is a perfect self-assessment tool for clinical microbiology and infectious diseases postgraduate trainees. It will also be on interest to medical professionals working in critical care and public health.

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Autor Hilary Humphreys, William Irving, Bridget Atkins, Andrew Woodhouse
ISBN 9780198846482
EAN 0198846487
Godina izdanja 2020
Izdavač Oxford University Press
Broj stranica 368
Format i dimenzije 157 x 234 mm, mek povez