The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, 4th Edition, International Edition

The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, 4th Edition, International Edition

Jerrold T. Bushberg

J. Anthony Seibert

Jr. Leidholdt Edwin

John M. Boone

ISBN 9781975167660
Godina Izdanja 2020
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Widely regarded as the cornerstone text in the field, the successful series of editions continues to follow the tradition of a clear and comprehensive presentation of the physical principles and operational aspects of medical imaging.  The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, 4th Edition, is a coherent and thorough compendium of the fundamental principles of the physics, radiation protection, and radiation biology that underlie the practice and profession of medical imaging. Distinguished scientists and educators from the University of California, Davis, provide up-to-date, readable information on the production, characteristics, and interactions of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, magnetic fields and ultrasound used in medical imaging and the imaging modalities in which they are used, including radiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine. This vibrant, full-color text is enhanced by more than 1,000 images, charts, and graphs, including hundreds of new illustrations. This text is a must-have resource for medical imaging professionals, radiology residents who are preparing for Core Exams, and teachers and students in medical physics and biomedical engineering.  

  • Features a new introductory overview, plus new information on informatics-oriented concepts, multisource and other x-ray tubes, new quality control procedures for digital radiography, digital breast tomosynthesis, dedicated breast CT, best practices in minimizing fluoroscopy dose to patients and staff, dosimetry in x-ray imaging, 3T and 7T MRI, MR artifacts and solutions, ultrasound elastography, nuclear cardiology,  total-body PET imaging, and much more.
  • Provides clear but detailed explanations of the basic science important to nuclear imaging, including the physical properties and production of radioactivity, radiation detection and measurement and completely updated chapters on radiopharmaceuticals and internal dosimetry, SPECT and PET/CT.
  • Addresses topics common to all forms of diagnostic imaging, including image quality and medical informatics as well as the non-ionizing medical imaging modalities of MRI and ultrasound.
  • Introduces a completely updated radiation biology section with current concepts in biological effects at the molecular, cellular and organ systems levels as well as the acute radiation syndrome and the latest assessment of potential biological effects to the fetus, children and adults from medical imaging procedures, as well as principles for effective risk communication.
  • Updates the radiation protection section relevant to all aspects of medical imaging to the latest concepts in patient and staff protection, including current Joint Commission and regulatory quality assurance requirements, as well as radiological emergency medical management. 

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Autor Jerrold T. Bushberg, J. Anthony Seibert, Jr. Leidholdt Edwin, John M. Boone
ISBN 9781975167660
EAN 197516766X
Godina izdanja 2020
Izdavač NBN international-INGRAM UK
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