The Changing Constitution (5th Edition)

The Changing Constitution (5th Edition)

Jeffrey Jowell

Dawn Oliver

ISBN 9780199264391
Godina Izdanja 2004
Izdavač Oxford University Press trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
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The fifth edition of this popular collection of essays covers the main areas of recent constitutional change and reform. Professors Jowell and Oliver have brought together an impressive list of contributors, all leading specialists in British constitutional law, to provide considered commentaries on the latest developments in constitutional reform and to anticipate future changes. Topics include: devolution; the reform of the House of Commons and the House of Lords; public service reform; local government; issues surrounding the creation of a new Supreme Court; the appointment of judges; regulation; control of public expenditure; freedom of information; and the regulation of standards in public life. These changes are considered against the background of general principles and trends, including constitutionalism; parliamentary sovereignty; respect for human rights; British membership of the European Community and Union; and the internationalization of public law. Finally the collection considers possible further reforms, including the introduction of proportional representation for elections to the House of Commons; the development of a home grown bill of rights; and the adoption of a written constitution for the UK.

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1. The Rule of Law Today;
2. The Sovereignty of Parliament: Form or Substance?;
3. Human Rights and the British Constitution;
4. Britain in the European Union;
5. The Internalization of Public Law and its Impact on the United Kingdom;
6. Models of Democracy: From Representation to Participation?;
7. Scottish Devolution: Aspirations and Reality in Muti-Layer Governance;
8. Northern Ireland, the Belfast Agreement, and the British Constitution;
9. Devolution in the United Kingdom and the English and Welsh Questions;
10. The Modernization of the United Kingdom Parliament;
11. The Executive: Towards Accountable Government and Effective Governance?;
12. The New Local Government;
13. Judicial Power in the Changing Constitution;
14. Regulation, Markets and Legitimacy;
15. The Control of Public Expenditure;
16. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 - A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing?;
17. Standards of Conduct in Public Life
Autor Jeffrey Jowell, Dawn Oliver
ISBN 9780199264391
EAN 0199264392
Godina izdanja 2004
Izdavač Oxford University Press
Broj stranica 488
Format i dimenzije 244 x 170 mm, mek povez