Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine (Flexicover) (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine (Flexicover) (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

Jonathan P. Wyatt

Tim Squires

Guy Norfolk

Jason Payne-James

ISBN 9780199229949
Godina Izdanja 2011
Izdavač Oxford University Press trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
Cena na sajtu sa PDV-om: 4.607,10 din. 5.119,00 din. ušteda: 511,90 din.
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Forensic medicine covers an amazing range of different subjects and no single individual can expect to be an expert in all of them. The Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine provides comprehensive coverage of all areas within this complex discipline. Written for specialists and non-specialists alike, it will appeal to practising forensic scientists, as well as lawyers, police officers, and forensic science students. It shows how forensic medicine has been used in specific cases enabling the reader to apply their knowledge in real life. A detailed glossary of medical terms helps those without medical training to understand medical reports and practices. This easily-portable guide is essential reading for the busy clinical forensic doctor or nurse, and others working at the interface between medicine and law.

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Autor Jonathan P. Wyatt, Tim Squires, Guy Norfolk, Jason Payne-James
ISBN 9780199229949
EAN 0199229945
Godina izdanja 2011
Izdavač Oxford University Press
Broj stranica 608
Format i dimenzije 107 x 180mm, mek povez