Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology (International Edition), 11th Edition

Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology (International Edition), 11th Edition

Allan Ropper

Martin Samuels

Joshua Klein

Sashank Prasad

ISBN 9781260458824
Godina Izdanja 2019
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The definitive text on the full spectrum of neurology – presented in full color and better than ever!


Long considered the field’s gold-standard text, Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology provides the very latest treatment and management strategies needed to confidently handle both common and rare neurologic conditions. Presented in full color, this classic resource meets the needs of the seasoned professional or the aspiring clinician, and has been hailed as the most detailed, thorough, and authoritative text on the subject. Reviewers have favorably compared the book’s consistent, single voice to consulting with an experienced senior colleague. The latest scientific research is included in just the right amount of detail to serve as a clinical reference or a starting point for additional learning.


The text is logically divided into six sections: The Clinical Method of Neurology; Cardinal Manifestations of Neurologic Disease; Growth and Development of the Nervous System in the Neurology of Aging; Major Categories of Neurologic Diseases; Diseases of the Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nerve, and Muscle; Psychiatric Disorders.



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Autor Allan Ropper, Martin Samuels, Joshua Klein, Sashank Prasad
ISBN 9781260458824
EAN 1260458822
Godina izdanja 2019
Izdavač McGraw Hill
Broj stranica 1653
Format i dimenzije 220 x 280mm, tvrd povez