Cell Biology Playing Cards

Cell Biology Playing Cards

Frank Netter

ISBN 9780323655583
Godina Izdanja 2019
Izdavač Elsevier Science dostupno odmah
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Fun and educational, these unique playing cards are beautifully illustrated with detailed cells and cellular structures - perfect for science lovers and cell biologists of all ages! Card faces features favorite illustrations from the textbook Cell Biology by Thomas D. Pollard et al. - from the clathrin triskelion and its three-fold symmetry on the 3 to mitotic chromosome structure on the Queen!

  • Standard 52-card deck with illustrations of endosomes and lysosome, mother and daughter centrioles, membrane traffic, eukaryotic phylogenetic tree, three cytoskeletal polymers, and more.
  • Jokers feature illustrations of autophagy (red joker) and ribosome, V-type ATPase, CRISPR/Cas, bacterium (black joker).
  • Fourteen different card faces in all featuring the well-loved cellular illustrations of Graham Johnson.


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Autor Frank Netter
ISBN 9780323655583
EAN 0323655580
Godina izdanja 2019
Izdavač Elsevier Science
Broj stranica 52
Format i dimenzije 70 x 95mm, karte