Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases : With Head and Neck Surgery

Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases : With Head and Neck Surgery

Hans Behrbohm

Tadeus Nawka

Oliver Kaschke

Andrew Swift

ISBN 9783136712030
Godina Izdanja 2009
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The third edition of this long-time bestseller continues to be a reliable companion and invaluable resource for medical students, specialist trainees, residents, and practitioners, providing the essential scientific, diagnostic, and therapeutic knowledge and offering advanced information and guidelines for clinical practice. Organized by anatomical region, each chapter covers the relevant anatomy and physiology, methods of investigation, and a comprehensive range of diseases. Succinct descriptions of diseases cover clinical findings, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment. Key features of the third edition: * Significantly enlarged and fully revised to the present standard of scientific knowledge and clinical practice * Over 280 highly instructive drawings and more than 500 clinical photograph--all in full color * Larger format allowing for an improved layout and clearer presentation of content * New chapter on voice, speech, and language; new sections on obstructive sleep-related breathing disorders and on dermatologic principles for the otolaryngologist; and appendices on emergencies and on infection control.

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Autor Hans Behrbohm, Tadeus Nawka, Oliver Kaschke, Andrew Swift
ISBN 9783136712030
EAN 313671203X
Godina izdanja 2009
Izdavač Thieme
Broj stranica 471
Format i dimenzije 170 x 239mm, mek povez