Human Population Genetics and Genomics

Human Population Genetics and Genomics

Alan R. Templeton

ISBN 9780123860255
Godina Izdanja 2018
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Human Population Genetics and Genomics provides researchers/students with knowledge on population genetics and relevant statistical approaches to help them become more effective users of modern genetic, genomic and statistical tools. In-depth chapters offer thorough discussions of systems of mating, genetic drift, gene flow and subdivided populations, human population history, genotype and phenotype, detecting selection, units and targets of natural selection, adaptation to temporally and spatially variable environments, selection in age-structured populations, and genomics and society. As human genetics and genomics research often employs tools and approaches derived from population genetics, this book helps users understand the basic principles of these tools.

In addition, studies often employ statistical approaches and analysis, so an understanding of basic statistical theory is also needed.

  • Comprehensively explains the use of population genetics and genomics in medical applications and research
  • Discusses the relevance of population genetics and genomics to major social issues, including race and the dangers of modern eugenics proposals
  • Provides an overview of how population genetics and genomics helps us understand where we came from as a species and how we evolved into who we are now


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Autor Alan R. Templeton
ISBN 9780123860255
EAN 0123860253
Godina izdanja 2018
Izdavač Elsevier Science
Broj stranica 498
Format i dimenzije 193 x 236mm, tvrd povez