Neurological Examination Made Easy, 6th Edition, International Edition

Neurological Examination Made Easy, 6th Edition, International Edition

Geraint Fuller

ISBN 9780702076282
Godina Izdanja 2019
Izdavač Elsevier Science dostupno odmah
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Neurological clinical examinations are some of the most intimidating procedures medical students, junior doctors and residents have to perform. This book’s clear, succinct explanations and simple/memorable line drawings, along with top tips/common mistakes boxes, combine to demystify the subject and offer straightforward guidance. The spectacular success of the book over many years demonstrates that it succeeds more than any other resource available. This 6th edition will ensure the content remains as fresh, current and easy to interpret as ever.

New to this edition


  • New simplified line drawings have been added.
  • The new edition contains an expanded summary of how to perform a complete neurological examination.

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Autor Geraint Fuller
ISBN 9780702076282
EAN 0702076287
Godina izdanja 2019
Izdavač Elsevier Science
Broj stranica 256
Format i dimenzije 138 X 216 mm, mek povez