Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, 3rd Edition

Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, 3rd Edition

Peter Cameron

Gary J. Browne

Biswadev Mitra

Stuart Dalziel

Simon Craig

ISBN 9780702073052
Godina Izdanja 2018
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It is now more than ten years since the publication of the first edition of Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and interest in this specialty continues to grow at a local and international level. Paediatric emergency medicine can be a challenging and difficult area for doctors. Children cannot always communicate their problems verbally, while parents are anxious and the possibility of a missed diagnosis is ever present. Although the principles in managing paediatric patients are the same as adults there are significant differences in patterns of illness and response. In addition, the therapies available vary widely between adult and paediatric practice.

Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine provides clear, concise and comprehensive coverage of all the major topics that present within paediatric emergency medicine. It offers a consensus approach to diagnosis and treatment, drawing on the latest evidence available. Short chapters with key point boxes allow for the quick and easy retrieval of information, essential when time is short.

This Third Edition captures the major changes in guidelines across the specialty in the assessment and management of paediatric patients, whilst refining established approaches to practice. The text reviews both new technologies and the better application of older techniques which have led to changes in practice. There are significant updates to the sections on resuscitation and trauma, the clinical applications of bedside ultrasound, analgesia and sedation. There is also a new focus on the teaching and research sections.


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Autor Peter Cameron, Gary J. Browne, Biswadev Mitra, Stuart Dalziel, Simon Craig
ISBN 9780702073052
EAN 0702073059
Godina izdanja 2018
Izdavač Elsevier Science
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