Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 6th Edition

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 6th Edition

Despo Papachristodoulou

Alison Snape

William H. Elliott

Daphne C. Elliott

ISBN 9780198768111
Godina Izdanja 2018
Izdavač Oxford University Press trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
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Now in its sixth edition, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides the perfect balance between detail and conceptual understanding. Maintaining the much-praised clarity of previous editions, this edition incorporates both new techniques and pivotal discoveries in a succinct, easy-to-digest way, using updated figures and diagrams to help explain complex processes.

Updated content on the manipulation of DNA and genes reflects the rapid introduction of new methods in contemporary research, and incorporates up-to-date discussions of recent developments such as gene editing. Chapter summaries are logically laid out, forming bulleted lists which provide students with a consolidation of difficult concepts and progressively guide them through the specifics whilst keeping the big picture in mind. Additional 'find out more' sections provide helpful problem-solving support and the further reading is divided into types to cater for broader learning needs.

With an integrated approach covering both biochemistry and molecular biology, complemented by frequent diagrams and clear explanations, and all presented in a wider cellular context, this text is the perfect introduction for any student new to the subject.

Online Resources:
The online resources to accompany this text include:

For registered adopters of the book:
· Figures from the book available to download

For students:
· Further reading organised by chapter
· An extensive bank of multiple-choice questions to support self-directed learning
· Links to 3D molecular structures in Protein Data Bank

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Autor Despo Papachristodoulou, Alison Snape, William H. Elliott, Daphne C. Elliott
ISBN 9780198768111
EAN 0198768117
Godina izdanja 2018
Izdavač Oxford University Press
Broj stranica 640
Format i dimenzije 221 x 276mm, mek povez