The Molecular Basis of Cancer, 4e

The Molecular Basis of Cancer, 4e

John Mendelsohn MD

Peter M. Howley MD

Mark A. Israel MD

Joe W. Gray PhD

Craig B. Thompson MD

ISBN 9781455740666
Godina Izdanja 2014
Izdavač Elsevier Science dostupno odmah
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The Molecular Basis of Cancer arms you with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge advances in the battle against cancer. This thoroughly revised, comprehensive oncology reference explores the scientific basis for our current understanding of malignant transformation and the pathogenesis and treatment of this disease. A team of leading experts thoroughly explains the molecular biologic principles that underlie the diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions now being used in clinical trials and practice. Detailed descriptions of topics from molecular abnormalities in common cancers to new approaches for cancer therapy equip you to understand and apply the complexities of ongoing research in everyday clinical application.

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Autor John Mendelsohn MD, Peter M. Howley MD, Mark A. Israel MD, Joe W. Gray PhD, Craig B. Thompson MD
ISBN 9781455740666
EAN 1455740667
Godina izdanja 2014
Izdavač Elsevier Science
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