Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition

Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition

Alexander R. Vaccaro

Kern Singh

ISBN 9781626236233
Godina Izdanja 2018
Izdavač Thieme trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
Cena na sajtu sa PDV-om: 7.127,10 din. 7.919,00 din. ušteda: 791,90 din.
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Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition by Kern Singh and Alexander Vaccaro is unique in its presentation, utilizing multilayered visuals to delineate the most commonly performed spine procedures. High-definition intraoperative photographs are juxtaposed with translucent anatomic drawings. This facilitates visualization of both the entire surgical field and complex anatomy never "seen" during surgery. It also provides greater insights into the subtleties of both open and technically demanding minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. Unlike many large spine surgery atlases, this is the perfect, on-the-go, pocket-size resource for busy spine surgeons who work in any clinical setting. From the cervical to lumbar spine, 21 concise chapters reflect the collective technical expertise of internationally renowned spine surgeons. Easy-to-follow guidance is provided on fundamental open and minimally invasive techniques, including pedicle screw placement, fusion, discectomy, corpectomy, foraminotomy, laminoplasty, and laminectomy. Each procedural chapter focuses on the importance of accurate visualization, adequate homeostasis, and impacted anatomical structures. Insightful tips, pearls, and potential pitfalls throughout the book expedite acquisition of knowledge Nearly 200 detailed, clearly labeled images of common spine procedures provide invaluable anatomical and clinical guidance Expanded insights on positioning in spine surgery Added discussion of surgical challenges, including warnings and descriptions of internervous planes Orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and surgical trainees will discover an indispensable and friendly white coat reference for everyday practice. The visually rich atlas will also benefit physician assistants, surgical nurses, and all practitioners involved in the operative care of spine surgery patients.

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Autor Alexander R. Vaccaro, Kern Singh
ISBN 9781626236233
EAN 1626236232
Godina izdanja 2018
Izdavač Thieme
Broj stranica 240
Format i dimenzije 152 x 229mm, mek povez