100 Top Consultations in Small Animal General Practice

100 Top Consultations in Small Animal General Practice

Peter Hill

Sheena Warman

Geoff Shawcross

ISBN 9781405169493
Godina Izdanja 2011
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons dostupno odmah
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Focusing on 'day one competencies', this book offers essential guidance to the most common problems encountered in small animal general practice. Addressing 100 core scenarios, it is ideal for the undergraduate or newly qualified vet, and for those seeking an up-to-date refresher. Organized by presenting sign (diarrhoea, itching) or disease (diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis), and with colour illustration throughout, each chapter explains: * how to make a diagnosis * which interventions are most appropriate in general practice * what the vet should say to the client before and after examination The authors also offer invaluable advice on other key topics such as annual health checks, neutering and euthanasia, and they tackle the tough questions: What if it doesn't get better? What is the low cost option? When should I refer? Never before has so much practical information been brought together in a single volume. Like having an experienced or specialist clinician standing by your side in the consulting room, 100 Top Consultations will become a trusted companion for students and practitioners alike.

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Autor Peter Hill, Sheena Warman, Geoff Shawcross
ISBN 9781405169493
EAN 1405169494
Godina izdanja 2011
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons
Broj stranica 444
Format i dimenzije 188 x 244 mm, mek povez