Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology, 6th Edition

Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology, 6th Edition

Philip D. Marsh

Michael A. O. Lewis

Helen Rogers

David Williams

Melanie Wilson

ISBN 9780702061066
Godina Izdanja 2016
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Marsh and Martins' Oral Microbiology continues to offer the essentials of oral microbiology in an easy-to-read, readily digestible format. Commencing with a description of the healthy mouth and the properties of the resident oral microbiota, the new edition of this popular textbook then explores the formation and consequences of plaque development, plaque-mediated disease, orofacial infection, antimicrobial agents and prophylaxis, orofacial fungal and viral infections, and the relationship between oral microbiota and systemic disease. The book is completed by a chapter on infection control.

Each chapter is succinct and includes essential information in a concise format - thereby saving the reader valuable time. The book is presented with an abundance of tables, photographs and artworks to make the subject as engaging as possible - numerous 'Key Point' boxes aid retention.

Marsh and Martins' Oral Microbiology is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, research workers, and a wide range of clinical dental professionals.

    • Successfully describes the complex relationship between the resident oral microbiota and the host in health and disease
    • Retains a unique ecological approach to the subject which provides a clear set of principles to explain whether the microbiota will have a beneficial or an adverse relationship with the host at a particular site
    • Exploration of the biological and clinical significance of the oral microbiota in the form of a biofilm on dental and mucosal surfaces
  • Completely updated throughout by a new author team!
  • Self-assessment questions in each chapter allow readers to monitor their progress
  • Updated design with 'Key Points' throughout aids learning
  • Reflects the impact that the genomic era has had on the field
  • Expanded sections on infection control as well as therapeutic and prophylactic antibiotic use
  • New sections on the benefits of the resident oral microbiota and on current concepts of factors driving dysbiosis in periodontal disease
  • New chapter on the emerging role of oral microorganisms in systemic diseases


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Autor Philip D. Marsh, Michael A. O. Lewis, Helen Rogers, David Williams, Melanie Wilson
ISBN 9780702061066
EAN 0702061069
Godina izdanja 2016
Izdavač Elsevier Science
Broj stranica 272
Format i dimenzije 188 x 234mm, mek povez