Surgery for Rheumatic Diseases

Surgery for Rheumatic Diseases

Stefan Sell

‎ Stefan Rehart

ISBN 9783132400078
Godina Izdanja 2017
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This operative atlas is a detailed guide to the most important standard surgical options for advanced rheumatic disease. Procedures are presented with a rich variety of colour photographs and exquisite illustrations. Key Features: * Clearly laid out representation of all standard procedures in orthopaedic surgery for rheumatic diseases, with emphasis on the hand and foot. * Concise and consistently structured texts make for efficient uptake of the material. * Adjunct information on indications, patient communications, instruments, positioning, approaches, key incisions, complications, and aftercare. * Detailed photographs illustrate the procedures step by step. * Precise drawings support comprehension of the anatomic relationships involved in each step of the procedure. * Contents-richly and realistically illustrated. * More than 400 superb images, showing all relevant details of anatomy and individual surgical steps. * The focus is on procedures for the hand and foot, while the elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip and spine are also shown in detail.

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Autor Stefan Sell,‎ Stefan Rehart
ISBN 9783132400078
EAN 3132400076
Godina izdanja 2017
Izdavač Thieme
Broj stranica 170
Format i dimenzije 229 x 311mm, tvrd povez