Osteopathic Techniques: The Learner's Guide

Osteopathic Techniques: The Learner's Guide

Sharon Gustowski

‎ Ryan Seals

‎ Maria Gentry

ISBN 9781626234253
Godina Izdanja 2017
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This step-by-step instruction manual with videos introduces a spectrum of osteopathic manipulative techniques incorporating principles of psychomotor learning that enable optimal skill acquisition during both independent and supervised practice. Introductory chapters contain historical and essential concepts for performing osteopathic manipulative techniques including somatic dysfunction diagnosis. Each technique chapter includes pertinent background and summary concepts, key features of somatic dysfunction diagnosis, an end-goal focus for performing the technique, relevant anatomic image(s), and performance steps to foster knowledge retention. Key Highlights: * Online access to 160 technique video demonstrations. * High quality illustrations that reinforce anatomy. * Psychomotor skills learning and assessment strategies. * Nearly 100 self-study/review questions in multiple choice format, also accessible via WinkingSkull.com. This evidence-based manual for learning manipulation treatment is the must-have tool for all osteopathic medical students and residents.

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Autor Sharon Gustowski,‎ Ryan Seals,‎ Maria Gentry
ISBN 9781626234253
EAN 1626234256
Godina izdanja 2017
Izdavač Thieme
Broj stranica 294
Format i dimenzije 203 x 254mm, mek povez