Color Atlas of Pharmacology

Color Atlas of Pharmacology

Heinz Luellmann

‎ Klaus Mohr

‎ Lutz Hein

ISBN 9783132410657
Godina Izdanja 2017
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The fifth edition of Luellmann's Color Atlas of Pharmacology has been extensively revised to include all recent advances and new drugs, and the illustrations have been optimised and updated. Each two-page spread presents concise text on the left complemented by detailed full-colour illustrations on the right to help users quickly digest important facts and concepts. Colour-coded sections provide readers with a helpful framework with which to approach the latest developments in pharmacology. * Part 1, 'General Pharmacology', explains basic aspects, such as drug absorption, distribution, and elimination, along with the molecular mechanisms of drug actions. * Part 2, 'Systems Pharmacology', presents the different groups of drugs, emphasising their functional and therapeutic aspects. * Part 3, 'Therapy of Selected Diseases', provides all the relevant information regarding the pharmacological treatment of a large number of conditions. Key features: * User-friendly format ideal for study and review, self-assessment, and quick reference. * Completely revised and updated, with 174 colour plates. * New glossary of important and interesting pharmacological terms. * Updated detailed drug indexes containing current information on drugs listed by both generic and brand names. The fifth edition of Color Atlas of Pharmacology is an essential study guide and reference for every student, nurse, and practicing physician needing to keep up to date with recent advances in the field.

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Autor Heinz Luellmann,‎ Klaus Mohr,‎ Lutz Hein
ISBN 9783132410657
EAN 3132410659
Godina izdanja 2017
Izdavač Thieme
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Format i dimenzije 127 x 184mm, mek povez