Clinical Breast Tomosynthesis: A Case-Based Approach

Clinical Breast Tomosynthesis: A Case-Based Approach

Lonie R. Salkowski

Tanya Moseley

ISBN 9781626232082
Godina Izdanja 2017
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Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), popularly called '3D mammography' is a state-of-the-art breast imaging technology that provides the ability to view inside the breast, layer by layer. Advantages of DBT include elimination of superimposed tissue, improved detection of otherwise hidden lesions, and significantly higher cancer detection rates compared to conventional mammography. Although it is increasingly being implemented in imaging centres, hands-on clinical learning tools have been lacking - until now. Written by renowned breast imaging specialists, this multimedia textbook is the most definitive DBT reference available. The first section is dedicated to DBT fundamentals, including physics, reconstruction methods, acquisition parameters, and patient dose and data size considerations. The next two sections are case-based clinical practice presentations, organised by DBT screening and diagnostic components. Key Features: * The use of 3D breast imaging to detect and differentiate malignancies from normal and benign findings. * 100 case studies include pertinent clinical information, introductory images, and findings labeled on subsequent images with BI-RADS terminology. * Full field digital mammography and/or synthetic 2D mammogram images included in all case studies mirror what is typically encountered in DBT breast-imaging programs. * Clinical pearls on navigating the technology, interpreting images, making diagnoses, and decisions regarding follow-up studies. * Accompanying online videos further elucidate the still images. This remarkable, interactive reference is a must-have for trainee and practicing radiologists and will also benefit mammography technicians. The detailed case studies and videos demonstrate the full utility of DBT as a screening and diagnostic technology in context with mammography, ultrasound, and MRI of the breast.

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Autor Lonie R. Salkowski, Tanya Moseley
ISBN 9781626232082
EAN 1626232083
Godina izdanja 2017
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Broj stranica 300
Format i dimenzije 221 x 287mm tvrd povez