Hurst's the Heart, 14th Edition (two volume set)

Hurst's the Heart, 14th Edition (two volume set)

Valentin Fuster

Robert A. Harrington

Jagat Narula

Zubin J. Eapen

ISBN 9780071843249
Godina Izdanja 2017
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Hailed for its authority, currency, and ability to translate the latest research and advances into real-world clinical application, Hurst’s The Heart is the field’s landmark text and cardiology’s longest continuously published reference book.  Written to meet your ever-changing clinical information needs, this trusted classic offers a solid foundation in cardiovascular medicine and complete coverage of all major cardiovascular topics.


Within its pages, you will find succinct, visually appealing summaries of all the major new trials and guidelines, along with tips for optimizing outcomes and health quality. The Fourteenth Edition has been completely updated to reflect the latest technical, therapeutic, and clinical advances, while still maintaining a strong focus on quality patient care.


Authoritative coverage and unmatched utility:

• NEW CHAPTERS include Arrythmogenic Cardiomyopathy; Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation; Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease; Left Ventricular Noncompaction; Evaluation and Management of Acute Heart Failure; Carotid Artery Stenting; and Race, Ethnicity, and Cardiovascular Disease

• NEW SECTIONS include Metabolic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease and Cigarette Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease

• NEW FEATURES include Practice Points and Common Clinical Questions

• More than 1,500 full-color illustrations and 500 tables (many new to this edition)

• The wisdom, experience, and authority of approximately 300 expert contributors

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Autor Valentin Fuster, Robert A. Harrington, Jagat Narula, Zubin J. Eapen
ISBN 9780071843249
EAN 0071843248
Godina izdanja 2017
Izdavač McGraw Hill
Broj stranica 2208
Format i dimenzije 229 x 282mm, tvrd povez