Protozoa and Human Disease

Protozoa and Human Disease

Mark F Wiser

ISBN 9780815365006
Godina Izdanja 2010
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Protozoa and Human Disease is a textbook on medically important protozoa and the diseases they cause for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals.  It combines a taxonomic and medical approach and is therefore suitable for a parasitology, microbiology, medical, and public health readership.  In addition to the basics such as morphological features, life cycles, and the clinical manifestations of the diseases, topics like the molecular and immunological basis of pathogenesis, metabolic pathways, specialized subcellular structures, ecology of disease transmission, antigenic variation, and molecular epidemiology are discussed for many of the protozoan pathogens. At the end of the book is an extensive glossary of molecular biology, immunology, and medical terms.

Life Cycles and Distribution.
Host-Parasite Interactions.
Molecular and Immunological Basis of Pathogenesis.
Transmission, Control, and Epidemiology.
Drug Action and Resistance.
Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis and Treatment.


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Autor Mark F Wiser
ISBN 9780815365006
EAN 0815365004
Godina izdanja 2010
Izdavač Taylor & Francis
Broj stranica 300
Format i dimenzije 222 x 286mm, mek povez