Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer (Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Sports)

Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer (Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Sports)

Lindsey Blom

Tim Blom

ISBN 9780736077323
Godina Izdanja 2009
Izdavač Human Kinetics trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
Cena sa PDV-om: 1.447,20 din. 1.608,00 din.
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In "Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer", longtime coaches Lindsey and Tim Blom share their experience and provide advice that coaches can rely on from first practice to final game. Volunteering to coach the soccer team is a good thing. For those who take up the challenge it can be a fun and rewarding experience but many potential coaches find the prospect daunting, questioning their abilities, 'can I really do this?'. This book is for the thousands of soccer enthusiasts out there who would take their love of the game and share it with others, if only they knew how. They have the prerequisite skill and the passion, all that's missing is the confidence that comes with "Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer". Teaching the fundamental skills, running effective practices and harnessing the energy of a young team has never been so easy, enjoyable or accessible. From basic plays to game-day coaching tips, it's all here: the drills, the plays, the fun. "Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer" has everything necessary for a rewarding and productive season.

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Autor Lindsey Blom, Tim Blom
ISBN 9780736077323
EAN 0736077324
Godina izdanja 2009
Izdavač Human Kinetics
Broj stranica 256
Format i dimenzije 178 x 254mm, mek povez