Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine 3rd Edition

Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine 3rd Edition

Carol A. Warfield

Zahid H. Bajwa

R. Joshua Wootton

ISBN 9780071766838
Godina Izdanja 2016
Izdavač McGraw Hill trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
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Learn a multidisciplinary approach to pain management

This concise yet comprehensive text is a true one-stop resource for anesthesiologists, specialists in pain medicine, neurologists, physiatrists, and primary care physicians wishing to understand more about pain medicine, and fellows and residents training in pain medicine. Every aspect of diagnosing and treating specific pain conditions and syndromes is covered, including general principles, anatomy, physiology, physical and laboratory diagnosis, psychology, and therapeutic interventions.

Each chapter represents a careful distillation of current science, key concepts, and clinical treatments of the subject, all presented in a highly accessible design. The authors have included an extensive list of references at the end of each chapter to encourage further research.

Highlights include:

  • Authored by leaders who represent the many disciplines that comprise this evolving field

  • Emphasizes the use of injections and nerve blocks as an aid to diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy

  • Discusses pain categorized by anatomic location as well as syndrome

  • Incorporates vivid illustrations depicting the physical symptoms and anatomy of each site, as well as key findings from MRI, CT, X-rays, and other imaging technologies

  • Includes new coverage that goes beyond the clinical boundaries of pain medicine, such as law, ethics, and business administration

  • Concise and comprehensive approach is geared for pain medicine board preparation and major section on headache medicine is designed to assist with preparation for board certification in headache medicine

  • Illuminates the multidisciplinary perspective and interdisciplinary approach to managing chronic pain with many chapters on the psychology of pain and applications of psychotherapeutic and mind/body interventions


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Autor Carol A. Warfield, Zahid H. Bajwa, R. Joshua Wootton
ISBN 9780071766838
EAN 0071766839
Godina izdanja 2016
Izdavač McGraw Hill
Broj stranica 1040
Format i dimenzije 221 x 282mm, tvrd povez