Changemaking: Tactics and Resources for Managing Organizational Change

Changemaking: Tactics and Resources for Managing Organizational Change

Richard Bevan

ISBN 9781449969981
Godina Izdanja 2011
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It's ironic that while most people know what conditions enable change to be effectively managed, these straightforward needs are often missed. The intent gets the attention; the details of execution are forgotten. Yet the elements are simple: listen to the stakeholders, learn about the issues, lead with clarity and involvement, align systems, communicate relentlessly, follow-up and course-correct.


Consider who will be most affected and then explore their issues, needs, and ideas. You'll learn fast; you'll have answers to your own questions; and you'll have the raw material for a plan to address the issue, solve the problem or lead the change. This can be done on a small, local scale, through informal conversations. Or it can be a much broader effort using meetings, surveys, social media, or a combination of methods. And then make it all work through sustained follow-up. Never assume that things will happen as planned. Is the change working? What needs to happen to make it work better? What's working well and what's not?


Assess progress; fix it; keep listening, learning, and leading. This book is built around resources that the author has developed and used in many years of consulting and teaching about the management of change. The first section of each chapter includes guidance, ideas, and short case studies. These are followed by a set of resources, including checklists, templates, presentations, tactics, Q&As, talking points, and emails. Select and adapt the ones that meet your needs.

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Autor Richard Bevan
ISBN 9781449969981
EAN 1449969984
Godina izdanja 2011
Izdavač Ingrambook
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