New Self-Sufficient Gardener

New Self-Sufficient Gardener

John Seymour

ISBN 9781409346784
Godina Izdanja 2014
Izdavač Dorling Kindersley dostupno odmah
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Grow, store and preserve your own and live the good life with John Seymour
Feast on your own produce with the New Complete Self-Sufficient Gardener, the comprehensive illustrated guide to self-sufficiency.

John Seymour's classic guide gives you the knowledge and expertise to create your own self-sufficient garden and produce what you need. Whatever the size of your space, discover how to garden organically and maximise your harvest, without the need for radical changes to your lifestyle. From cultivating vegetables to making cider, keeping chickens to training vines, you'll garden in tune with the seasons, growing for the year, eating for today and storing for tomorrow.

Full of clearly explained principles and practicalities this paperback edition of the New Self Sufficient Gardener (previous ISBN 9781405321334) is ideal for any gardener aiming for self-sufficiency.


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Autor John Seymour
ISBN 9781409346784
EAN 1409346781
Godina izdanja 2014
Izdavač Dorling Kindersley
Broj stranica 256
Format i dimenzije 219 x 276mm, mek povez