The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology, Third Edition

The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology, Third Edition

Hagop M. Kantarjian

Robert A. Wolff

Charles Allen Koller

ISBN 9780071847940
Godina Izdanja 2016
Izdavač McGraw Hill trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
Cena sa PDV-om: 31.467,60 din. 34.964,00 din.
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Authoritative, hands-on desk reference for the practicing oncologist - from the leader in the field of cancer management and treatment. The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology details the personalized multidisciplinary approach to cancer management and treatment of common and rare cancers pioneered by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Its pragmatic presentation can provide valuable insights at any stage of your career. This completely updated third edition reflects the most recent advancements, including expanded coverage of the rapidly evolving area of biological and immune therapies of cancer, many developed at MD Anderson. It emphasizes and discusses continuing developments in diagnostic procedures, which include the incorporation of new molecular markers and revised staging systems. It also reinforces how imaging and molecular profiling can prevent administration of overly aggressive, toxic treatment regimens or invasive surgery to treat superficial or indolent tumors. To help you quickly assess cancer management options, every chapter includes numerous tables, diagrams, imaging photographs, and prescriptive advice. Evidence-based treatment algorithms in the form of flowcharts and diagrams shaped by the clinical experience of MD Anderson's world-class faculty enhance the text. The third edition features important new chapters on key topics such as: Pediatric Cancers; Molecular Biomarkers and Cancer; Immuno-Oncology; Targeted Therapies in Cancer; Onco-Cardiology; Pulmonary Complications of Cancer Therapy; Applied Biostatistics. Offering the perfect balance of narrative text, summary tables, and clinical photographs (many in full color), there is truly not a more accessible, up-to-date, or authoritative clinician's guide to the medical management of patients with cancer and its complications than The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology.

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Autor Hagop M. Kantarjian, Robert A. Wolff, Charles Allen Koller
ISBN 9780071847940
EAN 0071847944
Godina izdanja 2016
Izdavač McGraw Hill
Broj stranica 1280
Format i dimenzije 218 x 277mm, tvrd povez