THE EMPEROR'S NIGHTINGALE S.B. (with CD-ROM) British & American Edition

THE EMPEROR'S NIGHTINGALE S.B. (with CD-ROM) British & American Edition

ISBN 9789604783083
Godina Izdanja
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Primary Readers are aimed at young learners of English. These charming short stories make reading both pleasurable and educational.


The stories have been carefully graded for six levels and make use of basic grammatical structures and vocabulary. Glossy, detailed illustrations on each page help to stimulate learners and facilitate understanding. Each Primary Reader is divided into four-page sections and each section is followed by two Activity Pages.


The Emperor’s Nightingale - The Emperor hears the Nightingale sing, and takes it to his palace. But then another bird comes... What will the Emperor do? Find out how the Emperor learned to appreciate true beauty.

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ISBN 9789604783083
EAN 9604783084
Godina izdanja
Izdavač MM Publications
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