Glaucoma (Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology)

Glaucoma (Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology)

Shlomo T. Melamed

Tanuj Dada

Ahmad K. Khalil

Ashok Garg

ISBN 9780071749497
Godina Izdanja 2011
Izdavač McGraw Hill dostupno odmah
Cena sa PDV-om: 6.714,00 din. 7.460,00 din.
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Full-color coverage of the medical and surgical therapies for the management of glaucoma Part of the Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology series, this full-color quick reference guide discusses the latest medical and surgical therapies for treating glaucoma, particulary the innovative surgical approaches that promise to revolutionize care. Features Numerous full-color photographs, drawings, and algorithms. Quick scan bulleted text. Contributed to by international experts in the field. Covers pathophysiology, clinical signs and symptoms, investigations, differential diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis

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Autor Shlomo T. Melamed, Tanuj Dada, Ahmad K. Khalil, Ashok Garg
ISBN 9780071749497
EAN 0071749497
Godina izdanja 2011
Izdavač McGraw Hill
Broj stranica 480
Format i dimenzije 160 x 241mm, mek povez