Study Speaking  Second edition    Audio CD

Study Speaking Second edition Audio CD

Kenneth Anderson

Joan Maclean

Tony Lynch

ISBN 9780521537193
Godina Izdanja 2004
Izdavač Cambridge University Press dostupno odmah
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The volume summarizes the results of interdisciplinary archaeological investigations at Aetokremnos which present the earliest well-supported evidence of humans in Cyprus and demonstrate the association of cultural remains with extinct endemic Pleistocene fauna. Alan Simmons shows that Aetokremnos is one of the few archaeological sites where a convincing argument can be made for human involvement in Pleistocene extinctions. Highlights of Faunal Extinction in an Island Society are chapters that place the Aetokremnos site within a broader context include specialist's reports that demonstrating the need for interdisciplinary contributions describe the chipped stone assemblage of a new culture delineate the huge faunal assemblage recovered, and detail how the site was dated. £/LIST£ Given the controversial nature of the subject matter, the volume will appeal to a wide readership including nonanthropological archaeologists trained in anthropological methods. Researchers and students who specialize in the Mediterranean and Near East as well as scholars interested in island colonization and adaptations, method and theory, Pleistocene extinctions, and interdisciplinary applications will all find much of value in this excellent text.

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Autor Kenneth Anderson, Joan Maclean, Tony Lynch
ISBN 9780521537193
EAN 0521537193
Godina izdanja 2004
Izdavač Cambridge University Press
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