The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual

The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual

Tara Paster

ISBN 9780471781820
Godina Izdanja 2006
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons dostupno odmah
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The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual is a complete, user–friendly guide to understanding proper food handling procedures, food hazards, monitoring techniques, corrective actions, and record keeping that all foodservice operations are required to follow. Collectively called the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), this system was established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is used during the preparation and service of meals to ensure the safety of food from farm to table.

Incorporating the most recent rules and regulations of the 2005 FDA Food Code, this helpful manual clearly uses the five points of a star to illustrate major elements that encompass a successful HACCP system in a foodservice operation:

  • Master prerequisite programs

  • Food defense

  • Evaluate hazards and critical control points to create a HACCP plan

  • Understand critical limits, monitoring, and corrective actions

  • Confirm by verification, record keeping, and documentation

The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual covers all HACCP principles, processes, and procedures, including prerequisite programs and food defense. This helpful guide also comes complete with a certificate exam that enables foodservice employees to demonstrate their understanding of the HACCP principles.

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Autor Tara Paster
ISBN 9780471781820
EAN 0471781827
Godina izdanja 2006
Izdavač John Wiley & Sons
Broj stranica 80
Format i dimenzije 216 x 277mm, mek povez