Actor Image & Action

Actor Image & Action

Rhonda Blair

ISBN 9780415774161
Godina Izdanja 2007
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The Actor, Image and Action is a 'new generation' approach to the craft of acting; the first full-length study of actor training using the insights of cognitive neuroscience. In a brilliant reassessment of both the practice and theory of acting, Rhonda Blair examines the physiological relationship between bodily action and emotional experience. In doing so she provides the latest step in Stanislavsky's attempts to help the actor 'reach the unconscious by conscious means'.

Recent developments in scientific thinking about the connections between biology and cognition require new ways of understanding many elements of human activity, including:

  • imagination
  • emotion
  • memory
  • physicality
  • reason.

The Actor, Image and Action looks at how these are in fact inseparable in the brain's structure and function, and their crucial importance to an actor’s engagement with a role. The book vastly improves our understanding of the actor's process and is a must for any actor or student of acting.


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Autor Rhonda Blair
ISBN 9780415774161
EAN 0415774160
Godina izdanja 2007
Izdavač Taylor & Francis
Broj stranica 160
Format i dimenzije 146 x 216mm, tvrd povez