Microbiology: A Clinical Approach

Microbiology: A Clinical Approach

Anthony Strelkauskas

Angela Edwards

Beatrix Fahnert

Greg Pryor

Jennifer Strelkauskas

ISBN 9780815345138
Godina Izdanja 2015
Izdavač Taylor & Francis trenutno nema na zalihi / rok isporuke 30-60 dana
Cena sa PDV-om: 8.423,10 din. 9.359,00 din.
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As with the successful first edition, the new edition of Microbiology: A Clinical Approach is written specifically for pre-nursing and allied health students. It is clinically-relevant throughout and uses the theme of infection as its foundation. Microbiology is student-friendly: its text, figures, and electronic resources have been carefully designed to help students understand difficult concepts and keep them interested in the material.

The Second Edition includes a robust instructor ancillary package that allows professors to easily incorporate the book’s unique approach into their lectures. And in addition to the many free resources for students – including the E-Tutor, Bug Parade, Flashcards, and MicroMovies – a new online homework platform, will be available for Spring 2016 courses. The homework platform will have a module for each chapter including tutorials, media assessments, and quizzes, and is accompanied by an instructor dashboard which displays data on student performance.


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Autor Anthony Strelkauskas, Angela Edwards, Beatrix Fahnert, Greg Pryor, Jennifer Strelkauskas
ISBN 9780815345138
EAN 0815345135
Godina izdanja 2015
Izdavač Taylor & Francis
Broj stranica 662
Format i dimenzije 211 x 274mm, mek povez