The Dog Encyclopedia : The Definitive Visual Guide

The Dog Encyclopedia : The Definitive Visual Guide

DK Publishing

ISBN 9781409364214
Godina Izdanja 2013
Izdavač Penguin (UK) dostupno odmah
Cena na sajtu sa PDV-om: 3.292,20 din. 3.658,00 din. ušteda: 365,80 din.
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This complete catalogue of all things canine is essential reading for dog lovers everywhere.
From Beethoven to Toto, dogs have a special relationship with humans and are forever known as man's best friend.?? The enduring loyalty and companionship of our four-legged friends is celebrated throughout The Dog Encyclopedia.
Starting with their history, evolution, and anatomy, this beautiful book puts on a show of dogs in art and advertising, sport and service, and religion and culture. Famous dogs in fiction line up alongside heroic helpers. More than 400 dog breeds are introduced, from primitive dogs and working dogs to companion dogs and scent hounds. Each and every breed includes stunning photographs and fact-packed profiles detailing individual character, compatible owner traits, and breed-specific advice.
??If you're bringing home a new pet, this guide comes crammed with top tips for a balanced diet, exercise, grooming, and training, as well as a health section on continuing care, identifying illness, and veterinary visits.
??This perfect pooch package is an indispensable owner's guide and invaluable reference for budding dog whisperers.

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Autor DK Publishing
ISBN 9781409364214
EAN 1409364216
Godina izdanja 2013
Izdavač Penguin (UK)
Broj stranica 360
Format i dimenzije 259 X 308, Tvrd