International Human Rights in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)

International Human Rights in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)

Thomas Buergenthal

Dinah Shelton

David Stewart

ISBN 9780314184801
Godina Izdanja 2009
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An updated and expanded edition of the widely used overview of international human rights law for students, practitioners, and professors. Provides a comprehensive overview of the international, regional and domestic human rights systems. Reviews recent developments in the field, including in the UN, European, OAS and African human rights systems and the adoption of new conventions such as those on forced disappearances and persons with disabilities. Includes chapters on international humanitarian law (including decisions of the ad hoc tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and the establishment of the International Criminal Court) as well as the treatment of human rights treaties and norms within the U.S. legal system. Discover the history behind international human rights, including the institutional context from which they evolved. An unparalleled resource for beginning students as well as more experienced practitioners.

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Autor Thomas Buergenthal, Dinah Shelton, David Stewart
ISBN 9780314184801
EAN 0314184805
Godina izdanja 2009
Izdavač Cengage
Broj stranica 601
Format i dimenzije 124 x 185mm, mek povez